How to have abundance in the RAT 2020

We are here now in 2020, the year of the Rat, which is good for almost every animal but still time to be careful since Tai Sui 7 lays in the middle of your home or office.

In ancient Feng Shui, There are cures and enhancers to harness prosperity, wellness, and abundance. In the ancient art of Feng Shui once every Chinese New Year, the energy is shifted from the year before called flying stars.

So many businesses and influential people hire Feng Shui specialist to rearrange their homes and offices to bring them all the luck for the New Year.

Here are some tips on how to update your Feng Shui for the year of the Rat to protect yourself and enhance your luck, abundance, and health for the new year.

First and foremost are a few things that you have to do.

1.  Repair anything broken in your home or office.

2.  Clean your home or office completely like spring cleaning.

3.  Throw out anything that is garbage or broken and can't be fixed.

4.  Restock your kitchen.

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The Bagua shown is specifically for the year of the Rat 2020.  

The following are enhancements and cures from the original ancient Feng Shui that have been proven to be very powerful. You can either buy these deities or place a photo of the symbol in these areas and harness the abundance of Feng Shui.

*  Offer incense burning in your home or office.

*  Place Blue Rhino or elephant in the middle of the house for protection from the unlucky star 7.

*  Do not renovate the middle of the home.

*  Place the rat symbol in wealth corner which symbolizes money wealth this brings luck into the home.

*  Place Kwan Kung in the back of the home facing the front door to protect you from backstabbers or legal problems.

*  Star #8 Northwest place symbols dragon, rat, infinity sign to bring luck and wealth.

*  Star #1 Northeast place the wind horse here to bring strategic success.

*  Star #4 Southwest the love star place a pair of love ducks here or Kwan yin.

* Star #6 Southeast Windfall luck attracts money and mentors place snake or dragon and wealth tree.  Put double hump camel to avoid cashflow problems.

*  Star # 3 North Six Killings Quarrelsome star remove all wood from this area reduce fire energy keep dim.  Add 3 celestial creatures.

*  Star #5 East Wu Wang bad energy must be suppressed need 5 element pagoda.

*  Star #9 West enhance luck with the color red ex:  Red Chest or monkey on a horse for money to grow.

Good luck and I hope you have the best year of 2020.




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