The Power of your Paht Chee Chart


The Paht Chee chart, or also known as the Destiny chart, is a part of Feng Shui. The Destiny chart shows your destiny according to the date and time when you were born. From this chart, we will be able to decode your life's destiny. This includes when you will be married, your success in business, your future prosperity, possible illnesses, the different phases in your life, and your personal luck.

The Four Pillars of Destiny (Paht Chee Chart) can be dated back to the Han Dynasty. The Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD) spanned over four centuries. The Han period is considered a golden age in Chinese history and the Phat Chee is considered as a practice of forecasting good and bad fortune. These charts are not easy to decode and are usually done by a Master of Feng Shui proficient from their studies over the years. 

The Phat Chee uses a chart with 5 elements to determine someone's future and life road map. It is personal forecasting used to avoid bad luck and to learn more about how to increase one’s fortune. This is a very powerful tool that is now still widely used by the most successful business people in the world, and is becoming increasingly popular over the years. 

Before having your home or office Feng Shui, we recommend getting your Paht Chee chart done. This will ensure that your Feng Shui is very accurate and aligned to your needs. Feng Shui is not a one size fits all solution: some elements can actually hurt instead of helping you, so it would be wise to consult an expert to better understand your personal needs. Getting your personal Paht Chee chart done is a life changing experience once you apply it.

Below are some links that can help you better understand Paht Chee and its positive effects on your life:


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