Luck relies on Location Location Location

Have you ever noticed how some people move to a new home and prosper?
Or maybe how someone moved to a new place had a terrible disaster, either losing money or getting sick? It might not be a coincidence - that’s why it’s important you find a home that fits you and brings you luck and prosperity. But how?
According to your Paht Chee chart, you can tell which direction promotes the most luck for you at your home or office and even where you should sit. This can have a big effect on your fortune, health, and even your love life.
Having worked with many clients to Feng Shui in their homes, I noticed many people didn’t consider this beforehand and as a result, their luck drains and they face turmoil.
At times I'd even tell some clients that they should consider moving because the house doesn't benefit them at all. In one case I worked on a few homes on the same street in a beautiful gated community in Southern California.
All of the homes on this street had a golf course bordering their backyard area. The bad thing was that during the winter, the course would literally turn into a river, which in Feng Shui the location of that running water is considered a total loss.
One client had lost all their money and was in the process of getting a divorce. Another home on the block had all their pipes busted which flooded the house. The third client's grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and the husband was fired from his job as the sole provider.
And in the last home, not only did the family go from having a thriving business to losing money but strange things were happening around the house like things moving around on their own.
I advised everyone on this block to sell their homes and they all eventually did. So you see buying or renting the wrong home can actually determine how your life goes.
I have many clients who consult with me before buying homes, that either had bad luck before this or are just hip to it. There are many considerations when it comes to buying a home and your compatibility with space may just be the most important.
In life, you should find and buy that right home and when you do, do not ever let it go, even if you decide to upgrade it, as I was told by my Grand Master.
Pick your home carefully and it will bring you luck.
Darlene Josephine Master of Feng Shui

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