Love and Feng Shui

Love is the most powerful energy, so powerful in the way it can easily bring us anywhere from paradise to hell. Everyone has surely experienced both highs and lows of a relationship. My experiences in Feng Shui with clients with regards to love is close to miraculous.

4000 years ago, the Destiny chart was developed as a part of Feng Shui. Nowadays it is more commonly known as a Paht Chee or Bazi chart. In my time with Feng Shui, I have read many Destiny charts and it has always been on spot. The Destiny chart is about a person’s whole life, and love is one big aspect of it.

According to Feng Shui, all persons are born with certain elements and energies. Looking at the chart, one can determine the qualities of the person most compatible with them. The Destiny chart shows exactly the sign and energy that is associated with your element, even determining when you might be married. One can look at Michelle Obama's chart with accurate predictions on the time she got married as well as her future husband who turned out to be former president Barack Obama. 

While the Destiny chart is very useful for knowing your future in love, problems arise when we fall for a person incompatible with us. If one ends up marrying someone incompatible with their destiny chart, it changes and even worsens their luck. Wasting time on this earth with someone you are not compatible with ensures a miserable life. In most parts of Asia and Europe, many wealthy people only date and marry compatible matches based on their Destiny charts.

Reading the Destiny chart is not easy, it took years of studying before I achieved proficiency. These concepts may be hard to grasp due to a lack of understanding but similarly we can picture God whom we cannot see but we know is always above guiding us. Celebrities, CEOs, and religious people believe in the power of Feng Shui as it is an ancient and metaphysical art and science.

Feng Shui works wonders with luck in love. Through Feng Shui, my clients’ love lives have benefited from long-term boosts. Many have married the man of their dreams and are living with love, wealth, wellness, and happiness. 

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