How To Use Feng Shui To Attract Love Into Your Life

Have you been desperately looking for the right relationship but can’t seem to attract the right type of person in your life? Or have you been with somebody for a while and just need that extra spark again?

Don’t worry -- there’s something you can do about all about that. Through the powerful art of Feng Shui, you can literally shift that energy and help attract the love in your life that you’ve been missing.

The 3,000-year-old science has been proven to improve the lives of some of the most successful people in Asia and throughout the world. From increasing prosperity to businesses and improving health in homes, the power of Feng Shui can even work wonders in the bedroom.

By simply taking control of the flow of energy that enters and leaves the room, you can literally set yourself up for a happier, more fruitful love life. You’ll be shocked to see how repositioning key furnishings using essential products can shift the entire vibe.

Once you understand how to begin harnessing this energy, you can enhance any part of your life using all five elements: earth, water, fire ether, and air.

Here are 8 solid tips to improve Feng Shui in your home and attract love into your life:

Place your bed in the right position

Never place your bed in a corner no matter what as no one on either side should feel trapped. Make sure there’s enough room for both partners to move about without disturbing the other person. Any negative energy caused by disturbing your partner will be avoided and no one will feel like they got the worst side of the bed. It is also bad Feng Shui to sleep with your head beneath a window as it can deplete a lot of energy during your regeneration period.

Have a headboard

Having a strong headboard signifies a sense of security and will ensure that you get quality sleep you need to use energy and can increase sex drive. Making sure that your sleep and health are in order will only increase romance and overall happiness. Once again, your headboard should NEVER under a window.

Make sure there’s no clutter under your bed

The bed is the epicenter of the room and it’s important to keep any sort of mess that could be found underneath far away. Clutter represents stress and putting that anywhere near your relationship means more fighting and less love. Be sure that your entire room is mess-free and you will reap the benefits. Putting a Quartz crystal under your bed will also enhance the romance.

Bedside furniture should match on both sides

Having identical sides of the bed will not only promote more equality in your relationship but it signifies a true partnership. Having just a single nightstand or table represents you staying single forever!


It might be a big sacrifice, especially when the Netflix is running, but electronics like televisions will bring in more Yang energy to the room which in turn brings in the element of fire -- an energy that you don’t necessarily want in your bedroom. Besides, it’s a distraction when you are with your partner!

Make sure there’s no mirrors facing the bed

A mirror facing the bed is said to bring infidelity into a relationship as the energy of a third party may enter your room. This is one of the biggest no-no’s in finding the right partner and it can even affect your sleep.

No work-related stuff in your bedroom!

Making sure that you remove all clutter in your bedroom is a must but you should also completely avoid having anything related to work in there at all too. Feng Shui experts suggest that adding in stress from your job in the form of laptops and even smartphones can remove the romance out of the moment.

Order a Feng Shui Love Kit and watch your life transform

To truly bring good luck into your love life using Feng Shui, you need to not only correctly position the environment around, but you surround yourself with the right energy. For thousands of years, Feng Shui masters have known the power of certain earth crystals like Amethyst and different symbols which have been proven to bring romance into lives. Capturing this energy and using it the right way can literally transform your love life. Order yours here.

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