8 Good Luck Foods You Need To Eat On Chinese New Years

Chinese New Year is upon us and the foods you eat on Chinese New Year is the most auspicious for your luck of the New Year.  Whats on the Menu?  Here it is!

1.  Noodles for happiness and good health.

2.  Dumplings for wealth.

3.  Whole Fish head and all for prosperity.

4.  Spring rolls bring you wealth.

5.  Rice Cakes higher income and status.

6,  Sweet Rice balls happy family.

7.  Orange & Tangerines display and eat will bring fullness and wealth.

8.  Shrimp with Garlic will bring you money.

So here are the top 8 foods that will bring you luck.  

Gung hay fat choy to all!

- Darlene Josephine

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