Change your Feng Shui, Change your life

I discovered Feng Shui in 1998 when a friend gave me a book saying, “Check this out, it's powerful, and it is what the Chinese used 4000 years ago to build their dynasty”. Skimming over the book made me think that it was all hocus pocus and that there was no way that Feng Shui can work.

Despite my skepticism, I tried some of the principles out. I moved furniture around and modified my home to see if something would change. Just like that, good things started happening.

I remember moving my desk and my sales have tripled a week later. I thought, “Is this real?” Purchasing books by top Grand Master of Asia Lillian Too and making more changes kept the money rolling in. Clients were coming in faster than I could keep up with.

Managing my designer clothing store was a struggle and I didn't know how to make it while being ill with a thyroid disorder atop the responsibility of three kids. I was constantly tired.

I used to make $100 a day when I was lucky, but with Feng Shui, my business started to grow. There were days where I made thousands of dollars in sales. Once I figured out that Feng Shui was working, I made more modifications. Suddenly my kids were doing well in academics, were fighting less, had agents to work in the film industry, and became extremely popular amongst their peers.

I was driven to study more, but there were no masters locally. I was ecstatic to see that Lillian Too was coming to Las Vegas and grabbed the opportunity to spend a weekend with her. It was like magic. I continued my studies under her tutelage and in 2015 I travelled to Malaysia with the intention of studying to become a master. 

Mastering every aspect of classical Feng Shui, from Flying Star to Phat Chee brought me immense luck. I was able to purchase several houses and luxury cars, send my children to private school, and live like a Kardashian in Orange County. Feng Shui worked for me. 

I soon became a consultant, working on modifying the homes of businessmen, retailers, CEOs, and celebrities. Being a gifted student of renowned Grand Master Lillian Too increased the demand for my services. As time went by, I helped multitudes alleviate their troubles and meet their aspirations.

I had multiple successful case studies wherein my clients benefited by obtaining wealth, health, love, fertility, happiness and productivity. Through my guidance, I’ve created a conducive environment wherein the energy flowed and brought good Qi. My clients were ecstatic and kept me busy via word of mouth. My sons ended up in Forbes Magazine’s top 30 entrepreneurs under 30, and I would like to think that I helped bring them success. My sons started out by working in the kitchen and are now happy, thriving, and were helping others by employing over 100 people.

Feng Shui drastically changed my life. My family took my advice seriously and their lives changed as well. Being unable to take advice would nullify the effects of Feng Shui. Despite what some may think, Feng Shui is not magic or religion.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese metaphysical system that involves the understanding of the relationship between humans and the forces of the cosmos. Literally translated, Feng Shui means “wind and water”. The meaning has to do with the forces of the universe that are in motion, in constant change and flux. Wind and water are both elements of change, and they both move freely, as potent expressions of energetic forces.

These symbolize Feng Shui’s basic philosophy. Feng Shui encompasses so many aspects of life and is not easily or typically learned from a book. With that said, most books are far off classical Feng Shui. Over 20 years of studies on Eastern classical Feng Shui has changed my life, and the lives of many others. If you’ve ever wondered why some people excelled in life and why some don’t, their Feng Shui has made that stark difference.

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