A Paht Chee Perspective on Love, Romance: Dealing with Unbalance

Humans wish for five things in life: good health, wealth, a progressive career, good descendants, and a loving marriage. People lacking one or more of these five things tend to have incomplete charts with missing elements. This leaves them vulnerable to various clashes in their chart. 

Tackling multiple cases of people looking for love without success has inspired me to write about this topic. When someone engages me to read their Paht Chee chart asking about their love luck, I always look for a balance in their Paht Chee chart. This balance indicates that person's success at finding someone suitable to settle down with.

In my last article, we talked about how having a balanced basket of elements is essential to prosperity. God is always fair, so having a balanced chart will ensure that you will possess all five desirable things in life. A Paht Chee chart with all elements in fairly equal quantities would emulate a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

A complete and balanced chart leads to minimal fluctuations in your overall heaven luck. As balance is achieved, you will never fall into truly unfortunate circumstances even when going through an unlucky period. Likewise, good luck will also be unexceptional when you go through a lucky period.  

In the link below, we can see the things I usually look out for in a person’s Paht Chee chart. Having more than one of the afflictions mentioned in one’s chart is a sure indication of difficulty with finding a soul mate. 


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