8 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Feng Shui Bracelet

Feng shui bracelets bestow the wearer with all kinds of wonderful benefits. Depending on what you need them for, they can be made from rare wood, precious gemstones, and metals like gold and silver, with many incorporating the use of powerful feng shui symbology to boost their efficacy. When worn close to the skin, these bracelets impart powerful vibrations from the earth and cosmos, attracting positive energy and dispelling negative ones.

Jade bangles, for instance, are one particularly well-known example of a kind of feng shui bracelet worn since the age of the ancient Chinese dynasties. Not only is jade a stunning stone to look at, it is also believed to be extremely lucky, famed for protecting its owner against harm and evil intent. It has thus persisted in popularity and been fashioned into rings, earrings, necklaces, ornaments, statues, mala beads and more.

While the advantages are many, here are 8 reasons why you should wear feng shui bracelets on a daily basis.


Precious gemstones such as Hematite, Black Onyx and Quartz harness the energy of the Earth, providing emotional and spiritual balance by calming the turbulent chi that constantly surrounds us. Such bracelets reduce stress and increase energy levels, improving overall wellness so you can perform at your best. Whenever you feel weak, lethargic or unable to focus, rubbing the gemstone beads of your feng shui bracelet allows you to realign your inner chi and strengthen your aura.


Symbols of protection have been used in jewelry through the ages by various cultures to prevent bad luck and undesirable events. Auspicious symbols such as the Mystic Knot are known to clear obstacles and create continuity in all your ventures, the Greeks use the Evil Eye to repel the danger of ‘jealous eyes’, while sacred syllables such as ‘Om’, ‘Hum’, ‘Dhih’ and ‘Bhrum’ bring blessings from the divine. Such symbols, when worn, work to continuously protect you even when you are unaware. Especially useful during the unlucky periods of one’s life, as they guard against all kinds of evil, both physical and spiritual.


When aggressive energies are kept at bay, you automatically interact with others in a more personable way. These bracelets promote greater patience, a calmer disposition and allow you to build more meaningful relationships. Bracelets that ward off people with impure intentions also ensure you only attract the best kinds into your circle, whether family, friends, colleagues, business partners and acquaintances, employers or employees.


Our life forecasts can be extracted from our personal Birth Paht Chee charts, and usually, the best kinds of charts are those containing a good balance of the 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). A ‘balanced’ reading generally indicates a comfortable, harmonious and successful life, one free of excessive drama, trials and tribulation. If your chart lacks one or more of these elements, you risk missing out on essential advantages; but in such instances, you can easily use activators such as feng shui bracelets that utilize the power of elemental colors to redress the balance in your chart by simulating the elements you need the most.



Those aspiring to climb the corporate ladder or wanting to take one’s business to greater heights will benefit from wearing bracelets with symbols and gemstones that increase your influence, dispel obstacles, protect against losses, or call on the support of powerful Wealth Deities. Symbols such as the Ru Yi enhance authority for those in boss or managerial positions, and special beads like the 15-Eye Dzi attract business luck. Wearing such bracelets daily helps to tip outcomes of important meetings and negotiations in your favor so that you come out on top in whatever you are pursuing or involved in.



If you wish to grow your investment portfolios and to keep your assets safe, symbols of wealth such as the Pi Yao or Abacus increase the chances of making correct investment decisions, while the Rhino and Elephant prevent the loss of wealth. Whenever you are at a crossroads, take a meditative moment with your feng shui bracelet and allow its auspicious energies to bring you clarity. All those exposed to financial risk like entrepreneurs, investors and speculators will greatly benefit from wearing such bracelets, especially if the feng shui of their homes and offices are also well-maintained.



Feng shui bracelets made of special metals like copper and zinc promote blood flow and reduce risk of infections, while certain gemstones like Terahertz enhance good health and recharge one’s energy fields. If they also include auspicious symbols such as the Wu LouTortoise or Longevity Dzi, they generate long life energies as well.



Those looking for a suitable life partner can call on the love-attracting energies of gemstones such as Morgan Stone or Rose Quartz. Stringing them together with a encourages romance luck of the true and lasting kind. Those wanting to keep their marriages strong can wear the Double Happiness symbol to maintain harmony in the home and the passion alive in the bedroom.


Wearing feng shui bracelets is a very personal thing. You must feel a connection to the piece you choose for it to exert its full effect. Always wear your bracelet on the left hand if looking to attract good luck and positive chi. It is also best never to let other people touch or handle it, as you want to keep it as pure as possible, with your bracelet only responding to your energy and nobody else’s. All new feng shui bracelets and those inherited from others should go through a cleansing and energizing process to free them of impurities before you start wearing them. This is usually done with a Singing Bowl to imbue them with fresh vibrations of yang energy. Re-energize all your bracelets every few months to loosen up and refresh their chi.


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