8 Love Feng Shui Tips

Finding Love the old-fashioned way that has passed the test of time with the secret of Feng Shui.
Feng Shui was a hidden art and science which was used since the Han Dynasty. The secrets were kept within the royal dynasty for generations. There are hundreds of tips and formulas.
We picked 8 to try and see if love comes your way or you capture the love for someone you been pining for.
Feng Shui is a 4000-year-old metaphysics from China. Feng Shui is not a one-size-fits-all. I have seen many people who have applied Feng Shui the wrong way and it was actually hurting them instead of helping them.
Many think there is a Bagua map that is for every home but this is so untrue. There are many western Feng Shui books that state this. Since this was passed down the thousands of years, there have been some misinterpretations. Just like everyone is unique, so is Feng Shui according to your date of birth, time, and directions, your Feng Shui is unique.
So if you want to get the exact formula for your love life, I suggest getting your Paht Chee a.k.a. Destiny Chart reading. It's amazing the power of Feng Shui
Here are the 8 basic tips for Love using Feng Shui. These tips can have a powerful influence on your love life.
1. Place your head directly to the wall with a strong headboard, nothing with holes, and place a table at each side of the bed. This will balance your bed for love.
2. Never have a mirror facing your bed. This creates infidelity, quarrels, and signifies not being able to stay in a relationship.
3. Clean under your bed if you have a mess or keep it as storage under your bed. This will create negative energy and no room for love and your mind will be cluttered. Place an amethyst, and rose quartz crystal under the bed.
4. Never place pictures of you alone or friends and family in your room. This signifies no lover. You can put a picture of a happy couple.
5. Make a list of everything you want in a relationship, have your partner read it out loud, wrap it in a foil, and hide it in the Southwest of your bedroom.
6. Wear love attracting jewelry; pink quartz or red stone on your ring finger, necklace, or bracelet. The energy of the stones will attract love and admirers.
7. Light a red candle or incense at night.
8. Place a double Happiness symbol on the nightstand closest to you. Print the symbol and place it in a small frame. This symbolizes love, unity, and marriage.
These are some tips to try and oping a beautiful love enters your life.

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